I hired them to move me in May and had received confirmation that they would be arriving at 2:30pm. During the day, I received messages from the owner stating that they were running late which was fine, i understood. The owner arrived around 3:30pm and said that he would start the clock a half hour later due to the tardiness, and that he would also provide 2 extra movers to make up for it. I only saw one person moving things until 5pm when I had to leave for a few moments. When i came i saw the two other workers he had mentioned. The owner of the company left after they finished loading up the trailer. At my new apartment, it took the person about 45 minutes to park the pick up truck and trailer. I saw one of his workers lighting what I thought was a cigarette in their van, however later my partner told me he was actually smoking a joint. They finished moving everything around 8:20 and charged me for 4 hours. I was exhausted at this point and paid it; later realizing that i over paid. When I brought this up to the owner, he said that he was not going to refund me any money as he thought it was fair since they started the clock later and gave me extra workers even though this was supposed to be them making up for arriving late? They scratched the top of my wooden dining table, have yet to repair it and have stopped answering me.

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We appreciate the review but this is not completely honest. We kept contact with Ana throughout the morning and made her aware we were running late due to a earlier job. We arrived 30 min late and for that reason we gave her 30 min free. Instead of 2 employees we supplied 4 guys for the load at no extra charge. Due to tight parking it took our employee some extra time parking the trailer (15min not 45min) to which we credited her another 30 min. The job ran 5 hours and we charged her for 4 hours only. There was no mention of a scratch on her table until over a week later to which we had no clue if this was even done by us and yet we still came by and tried to add some filler and colour to it to fix it. She wasn't satisfied with this fix and so I told her to send me a receipt or purchase summary and we would replace it. This customer couldn't provide me anything and then explained that her ex boyfriend purchased the table and she couldn't get a receipt. I then asked for a model number to which she couldn't provide that either. We have tried every way to fix this situation but have had no luck. As for my employee smoking marijauna on the job that is just not true. None of our employees smoke marijauna so I'm not sure where this is coming from. I'm sorry that you were unsatisfied with our service and hope you enjoy the new apartment.