BUYER BEWARE! Carpet Towne, Pickering, its Owner, Andy and his assistant, Barry are completely incompetent. The company broke into the water main in the basement of our home and took no responsibility for the damage. They failed to negotiate a solution and have left us with damages to seek collection in small claims court. Andy, the Owner, was not accessible and Barry is belligerent to his customers. Buyer BEWARE.

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At the tail end of last summers cooling season the AC unit at my home started exhibiting signs of failure. Strange grumbling sounds from the compressor! Was it the fan or compressor? I didn't know and felt that since the unit was over twenty years old it would likely be better to replace the unit rather than pay for repairs that may only last a few years. While shopping at Home Depot last week I came across the Compass Home Services kiosk where I meet a company representative. I explained the situation to him, discussed a few options then arranged for an estimate. Although a tad late, Sheldon arrived at my home as planned. He assessed the the current HVAC system, took several measurements, made copious notes then showed me information pertaining to systems that were suitable for my home. After weighing the benefits of his findings I asked that a quote be left for my review. Sheldon wrote out a very detail quote that explained options for both system and financing. I didn't agree to anything during his first visit as I wanted to investigate other organizations. Over the following few days I received and reviewed offers from a few other HVAC installers. In the end I elected to utilize Compass. The primary reason being that none of the other organizations I dealt with were as detailed in their findings as Compass Home Services. Although Compass wasn't the most economical at first, Sheldon did work with me and eventually presented a price that I felt was fair. On the morning of the install young Jamie and his mentor (Sorry, I've forgotten his name!) arrived as anticipated. They set about covering the floors with large tarps then took a few minutes to discuss the installation with me. Once we agreed upon location of the new unit they quickly went about their work. First they removed the old system and took the parts to their van for disposal. Then each of them set about their own tasks in an efficient and effective manner. I was surprised at how much sheet metal, electrical and refrigeration work took place during the install. Once completed I was shown how the unit functioned and what steps were necessary to keep it well maintained. Unfortunately they were unable to test the unit as the outdoor temperature would not permit operation without damage. I mentioned that I was a little concerned about this however I was reassured that all would be well come the cooling season. I was impressed by Sheldon's professionalism and pleased with the courtesy shown by staff at Compass Home Services. They were true to their word and have delivered as promised.... almost, Sheldon, were you able to obtain a price on that cover for me? Nice work guys Thanks

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Company Response

Hi Robert, We appreciate you taking the time to write such a thorough review for us! It’s great to hear that you noticed our attention to detail and you had such a great experience with our team here at Compass. I understand Sheldon delivered your A/C cover and your new Trane system is keeping snug over the winter. We will see you in the spring to complete the start up! Thanks again Robert, and please feel free to give us a call if we can help with anything in the future. Victoria Steenson on behalf of the Compass Team.