I have tremendous respect for the online ratings system; its how I selected Warner Roofing and its why I waited nearly a year before writing this, ensuring I have enough data to provide a thorough review. I believe that for something like a new roof, providing a rating after testing the product throughout the different seasons is most helpful. I unfortunately have experience with many local roofers, small, medium, and large. I say unfortunately because all my experience is with one property. We live in a house with a fancy roof it has many peaks and valleys which are pleasing to the eye but a nightmare when combined with our homes location: on top of a hill which can best be described as being in a wind tunnel. Over the years, we have had shingles blow off. Sometimes it wasnt so bad; other times it was terrible. We have had leaks in the house more than once which cost us thousands in repairs. I have used a big roofing company so that I would feel safe. They were a little disorganized and it was tough to hold them accountable as they were just too big with too many people. I have used several smaller, cheaper, roofing companies. Most seemed okay, but shingles might blow off the following year in an area that they repaired. I had skipped using Warner because their repair price was slightly higher than the smaller companies. With hindsight being 20/20, I now realize that was a mistake. I engaged Warner for repairs last spring. Warner turned out to be a large enough company to have the experience and resources to get things done quickly and properly, while being small enough to provide me with a responsive single point of contact. I was so impressed with Warner that I contracted them to replace our roof. They worked with us to choose the best shingles for our situation. They provided several options, explaining the pros and cons for each. We went with the best single available we paid a premium but it was well worth it as my anxiety when it rains and/or there are high winds has gone away. Warner was on schedule and professional during the engagement. Sara remained my point of contact and provided me with pictures and updates. She was always available for any questions. We felt very comfortable with our decision to use Warner. A review is not helpful if it is not thorough. Below are my negative experiences, none of which caused me to lower their five star rating because the overall experience was fantastic. - a couple of my light fixtures were bent as a result of heavy ropes hanging over the side of the house knocking them. Most were easily fixed; only one took a bit of work. Since I was able to resolve this on my own, I did not mention it to Warner. - two patio pavers were broken. I dont know how but I suspect this happened when a lot of shingles were dropped on them. I also didnt mention this to Warner and havent bothered to replace them yet as its not that big of a deal. - a special vent I needed was in back order. I still dont have it installed, but I havent followed up since last fall as I figured there was no point as they cant install it in the winter. I dont hold Warner accountable for back orders, but I want to be thorough. I will reach out to them shortly, now that the snow has melted. - my air conditioning unit stopped working. This turned out to be the result of Warner covering the unit to protect it, but not telling me to turn off my a/c and not removing the cover in the evening. I called Sara at Warner. She immediately took responsibility and dispatched an HVAC technician the next day. The technician confirmed there was no damage. The unit had shut itself off to protect against overheating. The technician hit a reset button and it turned back on. - we picked up so many nails after the work was completed. I think this is just part of roofing. Throughout the process, I watched the roofers carefully layout tarps to catch nails and debris, and observed them cleaning the work area each evening when they finished. Once the work was completed, they sent another person to make sure everything was clean, and even the guy that picked up the bin did another inspection and cleaning of the driveway. I dont think its reasonable to expect anything more from a roofing company. Something tells me that their competitors wouldnt make as much of an effort. Despite all of this however, you should still expect to find nails for some time. As I stated as the beginning of this review, I waited nearly a year to properly test their product/service. We have gone through the fall, the winter, the winter melt, and the spring showers and high winds. We have had no issues whatsoever. I am so pleased. I am also not worried as should we experience any issues, I know Warner will make them right as the work and product is guaranteed. I highly recommend that while shopping around for a roofer, either for a simple repair or a new roof, that you include Warner as one of your options.

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