A new roof and new solar panels installed months ago! We could have written a positive review over the summer however, we felt that the true value of the worked completed would come months later when winter rain, wind, freezing rain and snowstorms would test the quality of the products installed on our home. Here is our story. New Roof In May of 2021, my wife and I decided that we needed to replace the 24-year-old “torch on” flat roof on our home in Tsawwassen. We met with 5 different roofing companies, and quickly decided on the quote presented by Coast Mountain Roofing. We were impressed with Brad Gordon’s personal attention and his willingness to take the time to be sure we understood the options and the best products for our roofing needs. We were also impressed with their competitive pricing. For over two weeks a crew of workers came to our home to remove our old roof and install the new roof. Each day 3-6 workers arrived early in the morning and many days they worked well past the supper hour. The crew was friendly, hardworking, efficient, and polite as they went about their tasks. We appreciated that the job site was always left clean and safe at the end of the day. Our flat roof was multi-leveled, and it was a complicated task. We appreciated the extra time and attention to detail that the crew gave to the job. We were very satisfied with the finished product. The next few months were hot, sunny, and dry, but what about the winter weather? November brought us rainstorms, then winds storms with gusts up to 90kmh. December and January brought freezing rain, multiple snowstorms, and more high winds. The good news is that our home has remained warm and dry protected by our new roof. A job well done! Thank you Brad and company! New Solar Panels When investigating companies for our new roof, we also decided to explore the option of adding solar panels to our home with the hope of bringing down electrical costs. We met with several different solar companies, and we were delighted to discover that the roofing company we liked also had a solar installation division. We met with Kol Henrikson, from Rikur Energy, a part of Coast Mountain Roofing, to discuss the possibility of installing solar panels. We loved his energy, knowledge, and competitive pricing! He personally helped to install 26 solar panels on top of our new roof. His crew was friendly and efficient as they went about their tasks. The work was completed in just a few days. They did an awesome job and we were very impressed with their ease of installation. Over the summer and early fall, with many sunny days, our solar panels were able to build up electrical credit as our meter ran backwards. Once the cloudy fall and winter days arrived, we have been able to reduce our monthly Hydro bill by using our stored up electrical credit. Before we installed our solar panels our Hydro bill averaged about $140.00 per month. Since June of 2021 our Hydro bill has averaged less than $9.00 a month (taxes and a Hydro levy which must be paid monthly). We are thrilled with these savings! We should be able to pay for our solar installation in 11-12 years. Grateful thanks to Brad and Kol and their respective teams! We would highly recommend both Coast Mountain Roofing and Rikur Energy for your roofing and solar needs.

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