It is absolutely unacceptable that my brand new roof already has a leak a couple weeks after Professional Roofers replaced the shingles. Unfortunately, I had an extremely unpleasant experience with Professional Roofers. They replaced the shingles and gutters. They completed the job in two days in September. And within a couple weeks, the roof already had a leak. I asked them to repair the leak. They said they would show up any time on Monday Oct. 4. I waited at the house all day and they didn't show up. They said they would show up any time on Tuesday Oct. 5. Again, I waited all day and they didn't show up. Finally, they came to the house on Wednesday Oct. 6 and could not find the cause of the leak. So the roofer applied silicone under the shingles in the general area of the leak. So not only did they screw up a brand new roof installation, they also disrupted my time, and I have no guarantees that the leak is fixed. I still need to maintain my day job while these guys fix the roof they screwed up... Stay away from this roofing company. Overall, it was an incredibly stressful experience. If you are going to work with these roofers, make sure you clearly communicate with them what you are looking for. I asked for a ridge vent and they installed about 4 ft of ridge vent along an approximately 16 ft ridge. I take partial responsibility for this error as clearly I needed to spell out what I wanted. This is my honest experience with this roofing company. I didn't want to write a review but this experience was so bad that they didn't give me much choice.

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Good afternoon Allison. As this is your rental property, we understand that you do not live there and wished to be on site when we arrived. We apologize for the delay as the rain had set us back a of couple days. However, when our repair crew arrived, it was clear that the water was not coming from the portion that we had replaced. You had no issues for 2-3 weeks after we replaced the roof. It is unfortunate that the other section of the roof is now leaking, but Professional Roofers does not warrant work that is not ours. Nonetheless, we are always here to help our customers out and come to resolution that works for everyone. If you'd like to discuss this further and see what resolution we can find, please call the office at 416-604-9765.