Our installation of 3 patio doors has been ongoing now for over a year. Jerry is difficult to get hold of and does not follow through with what he promises. It took more than 6 months to get the doors put in initially. The carpenters installing were of high quality but had insufficient time in one day to install adjust and finish door install and trims. There were also manufacturing deficiencies in the doors that needed to be rectified. Lock doesn't work. doors don't slide properly, trims left half finished, caulking not perfect, screens difficult to close. For more than $7000 for 2 doors I would have expected better and more timely follow up. We have been dropped by Jerry in the middle of a job and left to deal with a half finished job for months. I advise you to avoid this sweet talking salesman like the plague.

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Company Response

Dear Pat,
We are extremely sorry for the delays and believe us it's not due to Clera's capability of fulfilling orders. The entire industry is facing a huge challenge due to shortage of materials and suppliers have declared Force Majeure condition with respect to production and shipment of fenestration products in North America. As per Jerry, he has ordered the sash and waiting for the part to arrive from supplier. Everything else has been resolved other than some caulking need to be fixed on exterior. Jerry will reach out to you as soon as we receive part from the supplier and if you like to get the caulking fix in the mean time, please reach out to Jerry. Thank you for your understanding.