We noticed a spot on our basement ceiling with some mold coming through. We dreamed a 1,000 scenarios as to what it could be and how much money we’d have to spend to fix it. Called The Mold Guy and spoke to Kay. She explained the process and dispatched Ross (THE actual Mold Guy) who came the next morning. We took him through the house and shared all of our theories. He patiently got the lay of the land, pinpointed where the problem was, had me cut out a 12” x 12” section of the ceiling and we discovered that a leaking water supply joint was the culprit. No big deal at all and calmed our fears. Along the way he made all sorts of recommendations: mold resistant bathroom paint lasts 5 years before you need a new coat; caulking is 10 years; front load washer door gasket needs to be wiped with bleach/Lysol wipes regularly and that little door needs to regularly be opened, drained and cleaned. Just an amazing guy. Not looking to rip you off, just wanting to help based on his lifetime of experience. A world filled with people like Ross is a better place. Ross seems like the kind of person that would make sure everyone working at the company would be like him. $150 plus tax for the service visit = peace of mind. Thanks The Mold Guy!

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