Millwall roofing should be part of your roofing project candidates. My house is three storages above ground (really high) with incredible steep roofs and has weird protrusions. Thus, requiring a lot of manpower, technical skills and patience to deal with. Prior to signing with Millwall roofing, I have gotten quotes from five other contractors yet none of them I feel comfortable to go with. Some quoted at really high price with cheap material, some quoted at lower price but has quite a bit of leak complaints, some are not as transparent with their scope of work, and others received complains of owners having problems with the workers. Admittedly, Millwall was not the cheapest option, but for the price I got good quality mid-tier shingles with one of the top shingle manufactures (Malarkey), as well as workmanship that echoed with other google reviews. I chose the storm grey color. Despite we encountered several obstacles throughout the job, crew was open to communicate and addressed my concerns in the utmost professional matter. Darrell, the owner is a very honest, patient and reassuring person who will not leave the job or his client with no closure. Overall, if you are hesitant on which contractor to hire, I would recommend Millwall. One unrelated note, please leave Darrell’s Toyota Tacoma alone. It is an old truck but it is a good truck.

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