Exterior repairs and siding installation 8/10 Our project involved removing the stucco (EIFS) exterior, repairing damage, and installing steel siding. There were some additional elements such as rebuilding/reinstalling stairs and deck. The project had several challenges including matters beyond OGC's control like COVID based delays and issues, but others like delays in material deliveries and coordination that were disappointing. We did enjoy excellent professional service from multiple OGC employees, including Steve (and team) on structural issues, Luc (and team) on siding and trim installation including in difficult winter conditions, and Rob (and team) on deck/stairs that have led to multiple passers by stopping to take photos of our design. We were impressed with the quality of the work and the approach to do it well for long term protection instead of the quickest or easiest way. At the end we also had a useful post project review with Alynn to discuss what had gone well and what could have been better and she demonstrated a strong commitment to improving certain aspects and dealing with some of the issues and delays we experienced. The most positive experience was with our project manager, Ramy who coordinated all the moving parts. He was very responsive, quick to resolve issues and really demonstrated he cared about the success of our project with his support throughout. His background as a structural engineer was also very helpful in explaining the how and why of various design choices and this also helped efficiently implement official recommendations from professional engineers into instructions for subcontractors on the site as well as working with the City on inspections/permits. We're pleased with the final result and would consider working with OGC again in the future. Warranty 8/10 There was one reasonably significant item to fix under warranty, and a few smaller issues and it did require coordination with our attached neighbours. Unfortunately it did take more than one try to get it done but throughout Leighton was good at communicating with us and clearly committed to getting it done right and to our satisfaction, including doing some of the last steps himself. OGC's warranty service demonstrated they stand behind their work.

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