We were told, before signing up with Centennial Moving, that "it COULD take UP to 21 business days to get your belongings" by Luke. June 26th - The 2 moving employees picked up in Chilliwack, BC. When the 21 business days had come and gone, we sent an email, and for 3 days, no reply from Centennial Moving. We called them. When we asked Luke where our furniture was, he said and I quote: "I don't know." What kind of answer is this??? We demanded to speak to a supervisor. They passed us to Warren. Warren told us our load missed the Toronto cutoff date of the 15th of the following month by 4 days, so now it's sitting in a Toronto warehouse, for the next once monthly trip to the east coast. My husband and I are both seniors. I asked him if he would like his own mother to be left in this horrible situation, in a house without furniture. He replied that he would not. I said he must find an alternate way to get our belongings to us sooner than the end of August. Warren replied he would check and get back to us. The next day we received an email from Warren. They could do nothing, as their "affiliates" were all booked. I was so upset! How misleading this moving company is. How in the heck could they not make the cutoff date in Toronto in 23 days??? Warren began using the "pull an excuse out of the jar" game --- he blamed the extreme heat, the difficulty they were having getting help --- this is what they do for a living for goodness sakes! This went back and forth and then the final insult --- a $200, then a $300 and finally a $400 rebate offered from an $11,000+ moving bill! While this is all going on, Centennial Moving's website is offering 5% off moves for seniors, students and military and for those moving on a holiday, yet for all the distress WE are experiencing, as customers, we're offered next to NOTHING! We are devastated! ALL we wanted was to get our furniture within the 21 business days! We dealt with Centennial Moving in good faith and we got screwed in return. This company has a TOTAL LACK of customer service... Luke, the person we dealt with initially, has since left the company, after several more complaints have been lodged against him. For all of you researching moving companies, do your homework! We thought we did, but obviously NOT. What should have been an exciting move to Nova Scotia has turned into a nightmare, with extreme stress. They never said otherwise when we said "it will make the cutoff in Toronto since it's being picked up June 26th? Our items sit for now in a Toronto warehouse. We're seniors

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