***DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY PLEASE READ*** Don't be fooled by the great reviews. This company puts a term in their settlements with unhappy customers that states that they are not allowed to disparage the company online. This company has made my moving experience a living hell. They turned a major life milestone into a life lesson. I used Tower Moving Company in June 1, 2021, and was very unhappy after the movers damaged the building garage bay while pulling out, causing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGES. Since then, it has been nearly impossible to reach them for any sort of resolution. After weeks of calling, I finally got through to someone who said they would contact my building manager to settle, which never ended up happening. Whenever I call, the manager is either out of office, on lunch, or dealing with another customer. As of July 26th, I have still yet to receive a return call. Now I'm expected to cover this expensive bill for damages that were 100% their fault. Go with reputable movers. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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