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Had to book last minute after other moving company cancelled. These guys were professional, efficient, and friendly. They were a bit late, but called ahead of time to let us know. We had prepacked most things in boxes, clothing in bags, and disassembled all furniture. We moved from a 2 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. All told, not counting the trip, it took three movers about 5 hours to complete the job. This would have likely gone quicker if our new landlords locked off the elevator for us. Would definitely use again, and recommend.

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The move was booked for 9am but the crew didn't show up. By 9:30 we had called them several times, but no one was answering. At 9:40 Alex called to let us know the crew worked till 4am, but would be there by 10:30. They showed up at 10:40. This move had two pickups, about 2 blocks apart, with 3 movers. It took 45 minutes to load 8 items (only one requiring 2 men) and drive to the second stop. By the time they got to the second stop they had 90 minutes on our moving window to get everything done. As soon as Alex got to the second stop he said they'd be unable to move the TV. We had cleared this with Jan at their office weeks in advance. He said that if they moved it there'd be no insurance. This disagreement lead to Alex cancelling the move. In an attempt to salvage the situation Jan offered $500 worth of insurance for $250. This is for a TV which would likely cost $2000 to replace. She had previously said there'd be no problem moving the TV and that it would be covered by insurance. At this point she insisted that it was oversized, though she hadn't inquired about the size during the booking (it's a 65" TV). I asked what an appropriate size is and she claimed only the movers knew that. I asked how I could have possibly known it's oversized if she didn't. She accused me of knowing it's oversized: "why else would you be asking if it's be covered by insurance?". In the end, after an hour of arguing on the phone our deposit was returned, and the items from the first location were dropped off at the second location. If you're booking movers until 4am, then from 9am you're not giving your workers enough time to rest. They were slow, agitated, and said they "felt rushed". I wish I knew about this site beforehand. Just glad we're not renters because we'd be truly screwed. Cancelling a booking on someone due to your own negligence is incredibly unprofessional.

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