It was time for a new furnace, so my husband and I started shopping around. We looked at various makes (Carrier, Lennox, Trane, etc...), as well as various contractors – big and small. Lorenzo was the one who stood out from all the rest. Having never purchased a furnace, nor taken the time to understand the intricacies of the technology, we were newbies. Lorenzo took the time to help us understand our options and compare other makes, models and contractors. In the end, Lorenzo came in approximately $1000-$2000 lower than other contractors who quoted us on the same model. We suspected the price difference was due to the large overhead the other contractors carried (i.e. office space, non-service personnel, etc...). When the day came to install the new furnace, Lorenzo was right on time and got to work immediately. Before we knew it, we had wonderful heat in our house again. We are really pleased with the Lennox brand as well: the heat in our house in noticeably more comfortable and we barely hear the furnace. When we went into the furnace room to check it all out, there was no sign that Lorenzo had been there – except for the shiny new furnace. The room was spotless. Lorenzo apparently vacuumed his way out of our basement (meeting our mothers' standards for "clean"). I highly recommend Lorenzo and Westmount Heating to take care of all your heating needs. His dedication to giving his clients the best service with the best products is second to none.

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