In late 2019 we hired the company to do concrete & brick work. Six months later, their work was failing. We contacted them by phone and email, on numerous occasions, but they did not respond. We continued trying to contact them throughout 2020 and into 2021. In April 2021 the President/CEO called back and was indignant with us, claiming that COVID was to blame that the repairs weren’t done within that 1 year, even though construction was shut down for a very short time. He assured us that they would be out as soon as the lockdown was lifted for construction. We emailed during the summer and were told that they would be out in August. After that date came and went, we emailed again and were told that the President/CEO was injured and that they could not come out until late fall to do the repairs. We emailed in September asking that their workers do the repairs before the weather turns, but no reply. We paid a lot of money for the work which should have lasted more than 6 months.

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Company Response

I contact you before , I explain the situation about delays on projects regarding the Covid plus I got delay with all the projects , I will keep my responsibilities and do your repairs upon I get updated with all my clients projects. Your project is not unsafe and is just rust stains on the concrete that need to be done , I did inspection and assessment for your repairs. I'm not the only one on delays with projects and this kind of situation , you need to be patient and stop doing this kind of reviews trying to destroy business reputation.