My girlfriend and I recently purchased a home together in Barrie and were looking to get an inspector. We were told by many people including our agent that home inspectors are not very good and aren’t very detailed. Most do an online course and usually you won’t learn much about what your home needs. We still felt that it was the right thing to just get a home inspection done just in case. We talked to some friends and co-workers and two people recommended Frank from Blueprint Building Inspections. Both said he is very thorough and a no nonsense type of guy. He has over 25 years experience and will find what most inspectors won’t. He was also featured on TV explaining what to look for when buying a home. I also learned that Frank is a Firefighter. As a Firefighter I was confident he wouldn’t leave any stone unturned as safety is a Firefighter’s top priority. We decided to go with him and we were really happy with his service. He arrived early and did a very detailed inspection. Along the way he educated us on all of what he found and what is standard and sub standard. Our real estate agent was very impressed as well and will be referring Frank to his future clients. We made a non believer into a believer. Frank also sent us a long detailed inspection report of everything he found with pictures detailing everything. any recalls on items were also included and the steps to follow. We now know what we need to work on in the house and what we need to fix up. Without Frank’s service we most likely would have left the problems unattended which would have costed us much much more in the future. Thank you Frank for the great service. Simon and Monika

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