I’m not sure how Laurysen has such a high review! We have a brand new house with a Laurysen kitchen. I absolutely hate my kitchen. My husband and I have been building and selling houses for ten years and we have had the pleasure of using multiple ottawa kitchen companies. Laurysen is by far the worst. Our island is in unacceptable condition. We did a dark grey island and upgraded the size. The kick plates are streaky, they are fraying at the edges. The drawers all have chips and the island has been touched up with the wrong coloured paint. Multiple technicians have viewed the island and said yes, it’s bad, we will order parts. Nothing has been ordered and Laurysen doesn’t care. I have sent multiple emails for follow up, every time they say our issues will be addressed, yet no one ever addresses them and nothing is fixed. It’s been six months. I’m embarrassed to show people our custom kitchen that we paid a substantial amount of money for. Do yourself a favour and upgrade your kitchen elsewhere. The staff are pleasant to deal with, it’s not their fault. Laurysen clearly has bitten off more than they can chew and their work is most definitely a result of this!

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