Booked an in-home design service on a Saturday afternoon, for the following Tuesday afternoon with one of their in-home design consultants. I have a large home, and wanted to finalise fabric on some stools that I had purchased from the store, as well as to get recommendations on items to add the finishing touches to my home. I took the day off work to meet with the designer, to accommodate her availability. When the end of the 'time window' that I was given was nearing an end (4pm), I tried calling her on her cell phone (unbelievable - she doesn't have voice mail capability) and then tried the store. The store said they would try to contact her and then call me back. Kept trying both her (without success) and the store (they never did call me back). On my last conversation with the store, they said that they had managed to reach her by phone, and that she would call me within 1/2 hour - that was at around 5.30pm. Never received a call. She never showed up. At 11pm, I get a text from the designer saying that she'll be arriving on Wednesday! I texted her back to say that she had not shown up for our appointment, and that she had wasted my day. She back-tracked in her next text, and said that she got caught up in traffic and didn't get back until late. So she clearly admitted that she had missed the appointment. Contacted the store for a refund. The owner was unsympathetic about my lost day of work, and simply refunded the amount paid. No compensation, no offer to make it up to us; just the offer to send in another designer. Summary - they don't care about the customer. Guess they're making too much money already.

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Company Response

Dear Ray,
I am really sorry about how this transpired. Zilli Home takes pride in the services we provide and greatly apologize for these inconveniences. This was a huge misunderstanding with times and dates of the appointment and for that I am sorry. We are here to assist you whenever you are ready and be delighted to have another design consultant offer you a no charge service. Thank you for reconsidering.
Natalie Papia