The people at Arnt's were very knowledgeable and helped us with our DIY patio project; the work was backbreaking and I wish I had accepted their suggestion of renting a dumpster from them for all of the heavy clay soil and sod we dug out of our backyard - when we checked around after the fact they had the best price as it turns out. Anyway, materials were exactly what we ordered, it was delivered on time and staff were very helpful and friendly.

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Last spring we contacted Home Depot Installation Services regarding getting a backyard fence put in; they forwarded us to Clintar, the provider they had on contact to provide Home Depot Installation Services. Shortly after our installation was 'complete' we learned that Home Depot was no longer using Clintar. The problems we experienced (and others no doubt experienced) were probably a large part of the reason why. Communication with the office was difficult at best, non existent most of the time. On more than one occasion my husband stayed home from work to be there when the work was to be done (and re-done) and the workers did not show up. The work itself was not done properly - large gaps (6-8 inches) were left between the fence panels and the ground, the gate was installed incorrectly and hung crooked. We contacted Clintar at least 3 times and they never responded. We contacted Home Depot, they contacted Clintar and then Home Depot, Clintar and another independent contractor appeared at our home, inspected the work, and then decided to fix the fence and gate. I was generally satisfied with how Home Depot handled the situation, especially after I had heard that they were no longer using Clintar a few weeks after our ordeal was over with. I would not contact Clintar again for any work to be done on my property.

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