The Top Shop is a homedepot supplier in Mississauga. On time delivery, cut came clean adjustment to fit not much but ok, lucky I had planned to put a backsplash to cover the edge where counter meets the wall. The installers are 3rd party contractor for Top Shop and not the Top Shop Employees I did not like that.... the guy who did the installation was very nice "Martin" however the owner of the installation company was not friendly at all as if he was paying me and not like I'm the customer (he does not know what a smile is)!!!

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Dealing with Casa Bella was delightful, starting from the selling point I dealt with the sales rep Jay Biller who came to my house for the 1st measurement and it was a short visit (He was sharp on time) took the measurement and left their company profile and leaflets to review (I loved that he did not walk me through a power-point presentation and how their company is the best in the world as many other companies I get quotations from did and wasted more than an hour of my time before they gave me their sky high prices) Casa Bella is unique and different they respect your time and very professional. Pricewise they are reasonable and they will do their best to lower as much as they could to gain your business while providing a quality service. I got to tell you, When the installation team came in they were so good and very very very very detailed oriented people, they provided me with installation services as if it was their house. The installation team is a corporate employees and not a sub-contractor and that makes a huge difference as if they put their reputation stamp on every piece throughout the installation. Very friendly team and would answer all your question and explain any concern you might have. Clean after everyday work, they cover where they walk and work (you would cover the furniture if you want). MOST IMPORTANT : they come around 9AM leave by 4pm or before, SO they dont come at 7AM and leave at 8 pm as many other contractors would do and I loved that too. Windows quality is superior and insulation is one of a kind and again very thoroughly detailed staff, clean finishing and leave you with a smile. I will always buy from Casa Bella and will always recommend to all my friends and family. Way to go Casa Bella, Good Job.

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