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The sales people are very good at selling, but when it comes to customer service, it is the worst place I have dealt with. They initially made an error in one of the cabinets that was ordered, don't if it was the sales person or their supplier. We asked that it be picked up and replaced and suggested other ways of "fixing" this cabinet. Now we have been calling for 3 days now and they still don't know how it will be "fixed" or even if they will pick it up. They want us to put the cabinet in a cardboard box, but of course the boxes had been discarded when all the cabinets were uncrated. We live in a condo, so it is put into a recyling bin. We have made over a dozen calls, left messages at the reception desk and voicemail messages, which are never returned. I think we got one returned and the others were not. At one point, the sales person was off work, we asked for the manager and the manager said she could not find the file because everybody she says file differently. If one has half a brain, it can be figured out. Then we asked for the instructions on putting the unit together and she said there was none. One of her reason was that the units are different colors. Color does not make a difference, the units are basically the same. All and all, I would never recommend this outfit to anyone because of the very poor service. At this moment, we are still waiting on how one of cupboards in the unit will be replaced and who is going to do what.

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They came in and told me what i needed and the price was definitely right. I found them to be clean and effifcient and were roughly on time. We would recommend them to friends who are looking for the same type of renovation. Hawthorn s crew are very proud of their work and it showed, A great family business.

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