A few years back we had our kitchen remodeled by the Home Depot on Grand Marshall. The designer that we used was great but the installers were another story. It appears that the Home Depot uses sub-contractors which makes it hard for them to control the quality and service. The installers would not show up when they said they would and they even called one time at 8:00 p.m. to see if they could come over now and work for a couple of hours. I had was shocked by the fact that they would even ask this of a customer especially knowing that I had children at home. It took longer than it should have

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I have used Bradshaw several times over the years. Every time I have called them they have responded quickly and fixed the problem the first time around. Several servicemen have come to my home and they are always professional,courteous and helpful. They will give you suggestions on what to do to prevent the problem from occurring again and they do not recommend work that does not have to be done. If you need a plumber then Bradshaw is the place to call.

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