I called Always Plumbing earliuer this month for a few simple repairs, I needed a drain replaced and the water lines (6 feet) running to my washer/dryer replaced. The plumber was at the house for an hour and the bill was $1100.00!!! As my Hot Water tank just broke I had another plumbing company replace it and while they were there had them give thier opinion on the work Always Plumbing did and they stated that the job would have taken an hour (as it did) and would have cost me $300 dollars if I had called them. Worth noting is the purchase of my new hot water heater and installation (took about 3 hours( cost me less then a drain and two plastic hoses from always plumbing (wiuth a 12 year warranty) In the short term thier way of doing business may make them a healthy profit ($1,000/hr) but long term won't garner return busiess (as evidenced by my using a different contarctor for my hot water tank just 14 days after using thier company). Beware of this contactor

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