I had selected this company to re-due my roof. In the beginning they were my best friend, easy to work with, and seemed professional / a solid choice. Until things went wrong, extremely difficult to deal with, nothing but excuses and poor communication, and they made the error. My first clue should have been when the sales person (Frank) circled the 130 MPH wind warranty on the brocher. Then I asked how many nails they use for each shingle. He replied 3 - 4. If you read GAF's 130 MPH warranty (I also called to GAF to verify), 6 nails are required. Even after asking them I wanted to go with 6 nails multiple times, they would not put it in the contract. Second thing I noticed after giving them my deposit was their BBB standing. They gave me a printout saying there were BBB Accredited, after the issues and following up with the BBB, they were accredited in 2008, but were no longer accredited in 2012. I had the company quote me premium shingle. They e-mailed me in writing the upgraded cost. Did my research, fair price, good shingle, gold pledge warranty, all looked good. Confirmed price again, signed the contract gave deposit, and was told my shingle would be ordered the very next day. Instead I received a call a week later, informing me the color I picked was not available in Canada. I called GAF and they informed me all colors of shingles were available in my area. Called back to find out what was going on, I was directed to Aaron (owner). He then told me that no one ever orders that shingle, he can’t get it, blab la bla and “His salesman made a mistake”. I would expect a GAF Master Elite to know the product & pricing. Herman’s building center also confirmed that they could get the shingle listed in the contract in approx 3 weeks’ time. At this they would not fulfill the contract. I told him I was going to contact GAF about the situation, this is where they stated “If I was going to be a prick about the situation”, but did offer my deposit back. Went back to the office and asked for my deposit, the sales guy Frank was in and said no problem, should be ready in a day. Then got a call a week later from Aaron, said I would have to take $300 lose for their time? So they wouldn’t full fill the contract, and they wouldn’t give me a full deposit for an error they made. After some arguing, and being called a prick by Aaron a few more times I finally did get my deposit back. I lost respect for the contractor after I was called a prick the first time. I would be cautious if using this company, they caused me nothing but lost time and grief.

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Thank you for your feedback. There are certain rare circumstances when no matter how hard we try, we cannot meet the expectations of certain Homeowners. Regretfully, this was the case here. We wish Steeler Boy in Simcoe the best.