I bought a Byrant central air conditioner from Home Comfort Canada in 2008. It never really worked properly since day 1. The owner --Richard I think- seemed friendly enough. After installation I saw that the unit was not blowing out cold air like my my neighbors ` units . It was just semi cool air. The owner explained that is normal .It would take at least 10 hrs to cool down the house from 80 degrees F. In reality it took 20 hrs. My neighbors also have 2 ton units . Their units cool down their houses in less than 2 hrs . More importantly the unit struggles to cool down the house during heat waves. If the unit is set at 71 F during a heat wave ---and if it is hotter than 35 C outside then the temperature slowly increases inside the house despite having the AC on. I let myself be convinced by the owner that everything was alright .. I should have demanded a larger unit. I would have paid extra for a larger unit. Before I knew it a year had passed and it was too late to do anything about it. Barely 2 years later the unit broke down - a large block of ice had formed inside . Like a sap I called them . The charge was $400.00 for repair . Was it because the AC unit was constantly running in a struggle to keep the house cool ? -Maybe , I do not know for sure. Do not buy anything from this company. Joey in Etobicoke

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Hey Joey, we are based in Toronto, Ontario. I believe you have the wrong company.


Richard Mueller
Home Comfort Canada
Toronto, ON