I have used this company in the past as I had read their reviews and felt comfortable that they would "stand" behind their work. I now realize that this is not so! The kitchen faucet installed brand-new by one of their plumbers has worked itself loose. This is something that would not happen if the base and the 2 screws are tightened enough. This was an error made by the original plumber. When I contacted Tap 2 Drain, the receptionist was very pleasant and agreed to waive the call-out fee as it was to fix something incorrectly done by their employee. On the day of service, a plumber contacted me to say that there WOULD be a $139.00 call out charge since the faucet had been installed 3 years ago. I don't particularly care if it was installed a week ago or 20 years ago, if it wasn't done correctly it should be fixed at no additional cost to me. I am 71 years old and have lived in several homes where faucets NEVER went loose, even after many, many years of use. I do not trust or recommend this company as a result. Why would I have them back to fix their error, pay more money and perhaps end up in the same situation in a few months or a few years? Save your money and find a company that "stands behind" their work!

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Company Response

Tap 2 Drain has a 1 year warranty on all of our work, which is stated on our invoices. I'm sorry that we were unable to satisfy your expectations. We did waive our normal $99 call out fee to help you out. The price quoted by our Journeyman Plumber was for labour because the faucet was 3 years old and well out of warranty.