DO NOT HIRE! DO NOT HIRE! DO NOT HIRE! Ken from KJW Kitchens & Homes is extremely unprofessional and does not go through with his word. At the start, he was polite and warm but that was all an act. He was never on time and never showed up like he said he would. He was MIA for weeks at a time after getting paid and never picks up calls or responds to messages. He makes up excuses about family members being sick, or he broke his ankle, or his phone not working. He is nothing but an extremely unprofessional contractor who does not finish the job but tries to get as much money from you at the start. If you want your money down the drain, hire him. If you want to save yourself stressful days and be able to sleep at night, DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY. He doesn't pay his employees. He brought 8-10 different people to my house over the course of 4 weeks and every week new people would show up because the last guys did not get paid. Our basement is not even close to completed and now we need to hire someone else and spend even more to fix his mistakes and complete the job. We are out over $20,000. Don't hire this man, please.

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