I had my AC unit installed by Cosmopolitan on 26th July 2017. It had a special warranty coverage for 10 years parts and labor. We always had the annual inspections done by them. Most of time, almost every year we had trouble starting our AC unit in summer. This time again it is the same thing. AC unit is on and outside compressor is on too and blowing hot air but not cooling. We called them to make an appointment 2 days back for yesterday. They are charging 160$ + tax for inspection because of COVID. Normally it 100 $. I am in healthcare profession. Government announced that we would be getting paid extra as we are frontlines but NO, we are not getting anything extra. Why are they charging extra? You come with mask and do the repair. Last year, only we needed repair done where our compressor was (outside). We put concrete on the side where the outside unit was. To only remove and hook that back outside, they charged us more than 770 $. No repair. Just to remove and hook it back. So yesterday they mentioned a tech is on the way but no one came for the next 3 hrs. and there was no communication from their side. When we contacted them, they said oh tech can't come "cause he has other delayed jobs. But at least call to mention but no. So today they mentioned after noon and now it's 4 pm. I called again. They mentioned 4-6 pm. So I'm waiting without choice. I have 3 small kids and senior people in my house. We are stuck. They are charging so much. Plus they said there is no warranty of labor for 10 years. When we have one.

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