I just want the world to know this: I contacted SEVERAL appliance repair companies, including the one recommended by GE's customer service. This was after I started hearing a ticking noise on my fridge, which came on and off intermittently. I googled with several search phrases to find an appliance repair company, so I really did do my research. In this process of contacting appliance repair companies, I took a video on my phone so that all the providers could hear the ticking noise the fridge was making. Better Care Appliance Repair is the ONLY company that was upfront and honest with me, from the start. They told me, straight up, that they thought it was the compressor, and it was probably not worth the cost to fix something like that. On that note, to the discredit of GE, I was really surprised. Did you know that a compressor can cost like, $700? My whole fridge was maybe $800. And it's 5 years old! But guess what, warranty ends after 1 year. So yeah. Not buying GE anymore... Anyway, that's besides the point. TWO of the reps at this appliance repair company contacted me, and both of them had individually taken the time to watch my video, and both gave me the same answer. I think they were both the actual 'fix it' guys too, and not a receptionist. Amazing. That is in comparison to the totally uneducated customer service people from other companies. One of them couldn't even answer the question, "do you replace compressors as a company?" ALL the other companies - all of them - wanted me to pay a $120+/- fee to "diagnose" the issue in person. Then they wanted me to pay this and that for the fix on top of the consult. In all fairness, Better Care Appliance Repair DID tell me that to know for sure what was wrong, they'd have to physically come and see the fridge. But before wasting their time and my money, they told me, upfront, what the issue probably was, knowing it was probably not going to be beneficial for ME to have them come. I mean, seriously, THAT is good business. Just be honest! All the other companies were trying to get a diagnosis fee out of me, when they probably knew what was going on. Or, they don't know appliances as well as the guys at Better Care Appliance Repair. Either way, I now know who to trust, and who can really do the job. And, I know who is not going to try to extract unnecessary fees from me. I asked the guy who called me a lot of questions and he was SO patient with me, when really, he didn't have to be explaining refrigerators to me, as a non-paying customer. So sure, maybe they didn't get a penny out of me on this inquiry. But now, when it's time to replace an appliance, I know where to go. If a friend needs a fix, I know who to tell them to use. And they sure deserve this 5 star review.

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