What a terrible experience. Silverline did a great job selling us on their product, but there were some red flags from the get-go that we should’ve paid more attention to. They had a way shorter lead time than every other reputable company we spoke to, which was a big deciding factor for us. We were not quoted for delivery of our window trim and then were told at the last minute that it would cost $150 (even though they offered to drop it off early so we could paint it). That easily could’ve been handled as a miscommunication, but their sales rep was so incredibly rude about his own mistake that I ended up pushing the issue and getting the delivery for free. The install itself was not great. Their crew left messes everywhere, installed a cracked piece of glass at our front door and didn’t notice or tell us it was cracked (we had to follow up with them about it), and left early on the last day. They also broke one of our downspouts and bent the flashing in front of our house by just standing on it. Sawdust everywhere. I saw one guy cutting wood and smoking a cigarette at the same time, which seemed extremely safe and professional. The windows look really good, but 2 out of our 4 sliding doors are actually harder to open and close than our old sliders that were over 40 years old. How does that work? The other 3 windows are fine and the install was done well on those, but the sliders are absolute garbage. They also didn’t bother to use new trim on the piece of glass that they installed at our front door and just reattached the 40 year old trim around the glass, making it look like it was done in the dark by a monkey. I’ll attach photos of the mess as they speak for themselves, but we had their installers come back twice to fix their work and clean up. The first guy who came back was fine, he did a lot of clean up (that should’ve been done on the day they left early!!!) and was very polite. The second guy who came back to re-install the piece of glass that had been broken by their crew actually left behind a mess of jagged pieces of trim and small slivers of wood all over our stairs. At this point, we’re completely done with this company and would prefer that this whole ordeal finally be over. We have an infant and every time they had to come back to fix their work is quite inconvenient. I do not recommend them at all. Spend the extra $3000-$5000 and go with a more reputable company. The savings are not remotely worth the headache.

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Company Response

Thank you Janine for your review. We are sorry this was your overall experience. We feel it important to clarify a few points. First we will start with the comment of "our lead time" Your lead time had everything to do with being told this was a "rush order". Your comment when you called in was that you needed these installed asap as you have a small baby and smoke was getting into your unit from one of your neighbors. How quickly we can assure install will be determining factor if you went with us or not." and your neighbor had referred you. Marc double checked with office to in fact make sure this was possible before signing you up. We said we could make it work for you. Yes, unfortunately there was a miscommunication with Marc in regards to trim which was quickly rectified and delivered to you with an apology. This however started the project off on the wrong foot.

In regards to the bent flashing this is the first we are hearing of this and an installer standing on it. We have no knowledge of this. This was not communicated by you or Evan to our office. We are sorry to hear this and will take to the team to discuss. We have offered to return to address any items you wish addressed but you have declined this offer at this time. We understand your position on not wanting to be further inconvenienced as you stated.

5 days ago we returned to your home to replace the cracked glass that was cracked during install not before but during install to clarify. We took full responsibility for that, ordered the glass immediately and returned to install as soon as it arrived.During this visit we also addressed the downspout and fixed it as well as took care of cleaning. You had inspected this and signed the completion statement as satisfied with completion of project. We have not heard anything from you since. We understand with a small child life can be busy but from our position we understood that you were satisfied with completion as there was no implication you were not. Last night we received an email from you after business hours with issues on clean up of the return visit which must have been frustrating as this was one of the reasons for our return. We did not get an opportunity to address this as we did not receive the email from you until after hours last night. We however emailed you this morning when we got the email and addressed the matters directly. As we are always happy to help, to assure that our customers are satisfied with the end results.

Again our apologies and please contact us to discuss. Kindest Regards, SilverLine Exterior Solutions.