To Structube stakeholders: One more cautionary tale about Structube. This past weekend I have tried to place an online order and take advantage of the Black Friday promo. It was a true test of patience as I attempted to do that several times, tried different payment methods, triple checked every piece of info I had entered to complete the purchase over and over again, only to keep receiving a vague error message that prevented me from placing my order. I contacted customer service and received a reply the next day (after the promo expired). The email consisted of a long list of reasons for the error I encountered. To summarize, according to Structube if I wasn’t able to place the order, it could only be because I must have done something wrong on my end (using invalid payment methods, entering incorrect info, etc.) or due to third party issues (the financial institution may have blocked the order). None of the reasons listed acknowledged that it could also very well be a technical issue with the Structube website. Structube showed zero accountability regarding the issue and made no effort to address it. In fact, they went as far as to say that I should have driven to a physical store in order to get the item. I asked for the discount to be honoured as a price adjustment since their website prevented me from placing the order during the promo period, but they refused to do so. I escalated the issue and received the same response, which brings me to the conclusion that this is not an isolated case, but an issue with this brand’s core values and business practices. Clearly, taking ownership for a customer’s poor experience is beyond what Structube is willing to do. That tells me this isn’t a brand that truly values, respects and cares for its customers. What a shame, Structube. I have been a loyal customer for many years. I like your products and your competitive prices, but I just can’t fathom the idea of keep giving my money to a company that won’t lift a finger to address a simple issue like that. As a business, you have yet to master the bare basics of customer relations. A very short-sighted approach to be regretted in the long run. Good luck.

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