Pioneer was not the most or least expensive of the three estimates, but they took the time to make sure they could get the right track to fit a 7 ft door in my garage with 7 1/2 ft ceilings. Others wanted to use a 6'9 door which would have require keeping the ugly filler at the top of the opening. They showed me all the options and answered all my questions. They didn't try to push me towards expensive options (I did that on my own). Very happy with the installation. They offered a three year guarantee on the installation, which after about a year I haven't needed to use.

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We hired Abby Restoration to inspect mold in an attic area and possible mold in other areas as a result of water damage in a house we purchased. The did the testing and found elevated levels of spores in the areas with the water damage. They provided the estimate and after closing we had them come back to do the work. The person that gave the estimate seemed very knowledgable. The crew showed up on time, but the guy that knew what was to be done was late. When he got there we did a walk through to review what was to be done. They found the previous owner didn't clean out stuff stored in the attic space so they pulled it out and didn't charge extra to pull it out, but they wanted to charge extra if I wanted it disposed of. I said leave it outside, it will go to the curb. I was only able to check in every other day during the project. The third day I was there when they showed up and they were ready to clean ducts. I looked at the work and saw demo that was not complete. I brought it to their attention and I requested a walk through with him before final testing to make sure everything was done, due to the perceive lack of communication between him and the crew and he got a bit aggitated. They tore out a lot of wall board under the area where the leak was, but missed the most damaged part! They also installed an attic fan and re-insulated the attic area. The electrician did a great job, but there are gaps between the insulation bats in a few places. Not much attention to detail. Wouldn't hire them again. I'm sure if I baby sat them they could do great work, but I don't have time for that.

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