We were in a terrible situation with a plumbing problem that was created by our last contractor who didn't plumb our main bathroom bathtub drain properly and three years later it started leaking into our finished basement bathroom ceiling and because we had several other issues and problems with that contractors work we refused to call him back but we had to react quickly so I tried Homestar for a contractor quote we received two replies and we're glad Tarrell was one of them because the first contractor was going to demo our main bathroom wall which would have cost us alot more to replace and possibly damage our bathtub that was quite an expense in our original reno. Tarrell offered to open up the wall from the other side to investigate where the leak may be coming from and the wall was in our ensuite which offered much less damage allowing him to discover that the leak was actually coming from the drain pipe which was improperly installed and came loose and not the faucet where we thought it was. So he did the repair from the basement through the already damaged ceiling from the leak and managed to repair the plumbing "properly" and repair the ceiling better than the original reno with proper support joists etc. In conclusion we found him to be a very courteous and comfortable contractor to work with and he wrapped up the job quickly even matched the paint spot on and then left a whole house construction air filter for two days to ensure any plaster dust would be removed what can I say besides I wish he was our first contractor looking forward to having him back for our next reno project coming up.

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Thanks so much Tibor! That's a very kind review. I really enjoyed doing the work for you as well, and we had some good conversations, I found both you and Mae very real, down to earth, and pleasant to deal with. It would be a privilege to work on any future projects you decided to do :)