We needed to replace all of the original 1960's era aluminum windows and basic wooden entry doors (front and back), so we obtained quotes from five different companies with a number of questions and criteria in mind. Among these criteria was the ability to obtain the specific National Resources Canada (NRCan) testing reference number -- since all EnergyStar windows need an NRCan reference -- of all of the products proposed for installation, so we could also review, compare and select the window products we wanted (by comparing with the list at the NRCan site). While all of the companies pretty well met our criteria (e.g., product installed by own employees, WSIB, reasonable timeframe for install, able to answer detailed questions on product differences and install options), and many were able to provide general information on their products, only two were able to provide the full NRCan reference testing details beforehand based on our window requirements. One of these was West End Windows and Doors. Since they also used a window/door supplier that we had researched and preferred (i.e., due to supplier background, solid product NRCan test results, and a great warranty), along with our evaluation of the company and their HomeStars references, we selected them to do the work. We did not regret that decision. Although they were a bit delayed on the first morning of the total of three days work, they were well organized, had a good complement of working people on site each day, immediately communicated anything that needed our confirmation/awareness, cleaned up after themselves everywhere that they had to be, conducted themselves professionally, and did a very good job of installing the products. Nearly all of the installers were clearly well experienced, and the one less experienced worker was always shadowed by a senior installer. All of the products they had from the order matched what was projected from the agreed-upon contract and product details, so they were not required to go back and revisit/reorder anything (i.e., no delays incurred). And the owner made sure to stop by during the work and at work completion to verify that everything was all in order and that we were satisfied. In the end, everything was done very well. I am confident that we selected a great product (i.e., KV) that was installed properly by West End. We would definitely recommend West End to others. To properly scope the work involved, in total, we installed 12 regular room windows (~58" x 36"), two large (~94" x 82", 60" x 82") windows, a front entry door with two sidelites, and one rear entry door.

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