Our home was delayed for almost 3 years. When it was finally handed over to us, there were multiple repairs that needed doing. We upgraded to a double coated paint and paid $1,200 for upgrade but there was no way that it was double coated because when we put green tape on the walls, the paint came off easily. They sub contract all their jobs to workers who are unqualified and has never worked in trade or construction before. When they came to fix our home for the 30 day Tarrion warranty, the worker came without a proper tool to fix our twisted hand rails. I went to my garage and showed him how to fix it using my own tool. The step they installed leading to our garage was very wobbly and a 3 year old could probably done a better job. Out upgraded 3 toilet seat was never delivered until we had to fight for it as we paid for it. They claimed that the upgraded toilet seats were not available and we paid $700.00 for each toilet bowl. We asked for a refund and then eventually they replaced it. We are blindsided by their lack of communication to their customers. Recently we were shocked that they were installing a side walk right at our footsteps leaving us with a very short driveway that will not accommodate a small car. The opposite street can accommodate 3 cars on their driveway. When I contacted the customer care from Matammy homes, Marie Le wrote me a letter that sidewalk can be used as a dual purpose, apparently someone told her that I can park in the sidewalk and block it if I want to. Seriously! Every time you email them or call them. It will take at least 3 weeks before you get a reply from their customer care. Very unreliable staff and very confusing. Beware! Once you closed your purchased home, you are on your own and good luck on getting any help from them. Below is a picture of my driveway compared to the driveway opposite us. I would NEVER EVER suggest to anyone to buy their home.

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