I bought a house in 2012 from White Eagle homes. My house is only 7 years old. From the very beginning, my roof leaked, they came out to fix it and it still leaked, they removed part of the finishing stone from the pillar and its still leaking. The stucco is failing on the house, Lower parging is failing, Concrete failing, window seals failing, furnace is 7 years old and we had to fixed it 3 times and will require a new one if it fails again! We have emailed Bozena several times to help correct the issues as they are all workmanship issues according to other contractors. Do you think I got a response email back? Realtors have reached out to them and nothing! These people are incompetent! they are certainly not the kind of builders you would want to spend your hard earned money on. To date we are looking at over 100.000 in workmanship deficiencies and more with Legalities! Do your homework and buyer BEWARE of this company! Shame on you Mike and Bozena!

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