The installers were fantastic! All the technicians who came out whether to show us how to use the equipment or to install missing parts or to do final touch-ups were amazing! We are looking forward to enjoying your product for many years to come. However, the salesperson we dealt with, from the Tenth Line location, conducted himself very inappropriately during the whole process. Even though we provided the information asked of us (ex. survey, etc.), the salesperson was unprepared for both in-store meetings he set up by not having used the information given to start a quote or a yard layout and not being able to work the programs to do so while I was in his office. During the first visit, the salesperson put down two of his competitors saying one was a nice guy but that he was taking credit for Mermaids work even though he had previously worked for Mermaid and saying the other was about to retire and did not want to work hard anymore. Also, during the second meeting, when I brought my concerns about the steep slope at the side of our walk-out basement house, he responded by saying we should let the installer worry about that even though I mentioned that one of your competitors was going to build up a ramp with stone then use that stone around the pool to make the slope workable. Also, at this second meeting, he said there was no problem for him to get someone to put in the fence for us soon after the installation was complete at an approximate cost of $7000. This brings me to the salesperson's next very unprofessional actions. In an email to me then in subsequent conversations with my husband, insisted neither one of us said we were installing the pool on a slope or that there was a steep slope at the side of the house. The question of the grade was one of the first things I mentioned when I first called Mermaid. The first time I was transferred to the salesperson, I explained that we would prefer an above-ground pool but we did not believe it was possible because the backyard sloped to the fence so we were looking for quotes for a semi-inground, as we read that on a slope installation is possible. He then asked what kind of a slope and I said that to the best of my knowledge the slope dropped 4 feet over 27 feet. He replied that yes definitely I needed a semi-inground. All in all, the salesperson's incompetence, lack of attention to detail, faulty memory cost us an additional $4370 for Mermaid as well as an additional $2000 (over the approximate cost of the fence the salesperson said he could arrange for us). The most disappointing is that the beautiful pool you installed is unusable due to a very heavy temporary fence that must remain until the fence is installed by ******* on October 31st. It may also be important to mention that when Mr. McNaughton finally visited our yard at the request of the installer, he misrepresented himself saying he would call the fencing company for us to get an earlier install date which he was unsuccessful in doing if he called at all. I hope this helps your company, which seems to do such good work, leave customers feeling satisfied not as though they had been had by an unscrupulous salesperson. Thank you for the time you will put to improve this situation for other customers.

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