We recently used Rent-A-Son for our move. Our sales rep was great at answering all of our questions and came to our place to evaluate exactly how much stuff we have in order to provide an accurate quote. On the day of the move, our moving team were very punctual and got right to work. The entire team worked extremely hard and efficienly. Within minutes of them working, we were so glad that we chose to pay for movers. Everyone communicated perfectly with us and Junior was a fantastic team lead. Everyone was respectful and professional. We were very impressed. When we arrived to our home and the moving truck came over, the guys made sure our floor and staircase was covered and took the outmost care to ask where each item was to be brought. After everything was said and done, we did notice a small damaged area to our custom dinning room table (thankfully it's in the additional leaf that you don't see often/gets covered with a table cloth, but still). Also our son's dresser and crib got banged up a bit. Nothing major at all though and not enough to upset us and report it. The positives most definitely outweigh the tiny negative. We just kind of figured something might get dinged therefore we weren't too surprised. The guys and the company most definitely still deserve a perfect review! Well done and thank you for working so hard on our move! We will definitely be recommending this moving company to others.

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