I had researched many refinishers to do my kitchen and it came down to Greg eventually. 1. He was very knowledgeable. He came back with very detailed email answering my questions describing every single process. (It wasn't a copy & paste) 2. The actual Job. The doors turned out so smooth and bright. I don't see paint strokes. They do not look like they were repainted. Mine was done with eggshell finish which was recommended by Greg. 3. Honesty. After the kitchen was beautifully done, there were some chipped areas on edges due to IKEA cabinet material. (I think the surface of the edges were melanin or some kind of plastic that did not make the paint to stick permanently.) Greg came and did the touch up for free of charge. 3. Price: I did compared the price with other people... and there wasn't a big difference. He charges decent but I expected higher quality/professional finish. Lastly, he was such a friendly guy. I made the right decision. Thanks Greg!

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