I haven’t built a house with White Eagle Homes, but I have bought their homes as a second owner, twice. The first home we bought that was built by White Eagle Homes was 5 years old. We lived in it for about 2 years. During that time, we had no issues or problems with the house, structurally and mechanically. When we bought the house, it looked like it was maintained well and kept in good conditions. After some time we decided to buy another home in a bigger size to accommodate my growing family. When we were looking at homes, we saw a couple White Eagle Homes for sale and decided to check it out since we were so happy with our first home. The second house was only 8 months old when we bought it and we’ve been living in it for the past 12 years. We haven’t had any structural or mechanical issues and the house is still kept in good conditions. It’s the Sandstone model and the finishing and style of the house are timeless, we still get compliments from our friends and family members. We even received the rough grading report and certificate, both passed by the City of Edmonton. Even though we were the second homeowners in the second house, we noticed a small issue with the crown moldings. We contacted the builders and they were happy to replace the structural parts, even when the home warranty time period passed. We would recommend buying a White Eagle Homes house, whether you want to build with them or buy it from a previous owner. The quality and workmanship of their product/finishings are excellent and maintains their quality over time. I am quite impressed and blessed to own a house built by White Eagle Homes.

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