Well, it's early winter and our 25 year old furnace started acting up so, I went to the web to find a HVAC contractor and decided to give two of them a call. I called NovelCare and the person asked a couple of questions and then explained how they could help us. The next morning right on time a Service Technician came and resolved the issue but also found that the exhaust was dangerously high and a major repair or new furnace was needed. He took time to explain my options. I decided to speak to a sales representative and purchase a new furnace. Darren, arrived on time and quickly helped me determine the size and types of furnace and pricing options that I had in order to make a decision. He was easy to work with and basically let me make my decisions without any pressure. The next morning right on time Shwan & Ryan showed up ready to install my new furnace. Five hours later it was all done. Just in time for the temperature drop outside too. The entire team was coordinated, polite, professional and responsive to my concerns and needs. Well done!

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