I booked a $14,000 paving job with Anthony from Walton Paving in August. They came in October to grade in the rain. waited a couple hours then told me there was too much grading involved and it would cost more money to do the job he quoted. I said I wasn't interested in spending more money and asked Anthony to return the $700 deposit. He said he would return the deposit and has given me the run around for 3 months now promising to drop off a check every week.

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Company Response

Dan, In October when we came to do the job, unfortunately the weather was raining and we waiting several hours. When we spoke that day in October we stated that if the weather didn't cooperate we would pave it early spring and you said that was fine. We didn't ask you for more money regarding the Contract. We have stated several times that we will do the paving as soon as the paving season starts. We have tried to work with you regarding this matter. Thank you