Purchased new furnace 2nd one in 3 yrs. First one home inspector found hose caught in fan and repaired it. 2nd one came home after work and felt alot of warm air in basement, My dad was there all day for the install and they said there was something wrong with my duct work. I found a 6x6 inch hole in the back of the furnace duct work where they joined the old plenum to new. I found a piece of metal,cut it,screwed+taped it. There was also black hand prints down my basement stairs and at the top in the living room,they were also supposed to put a tee in so we could hook up a gas hot water tank in future. Called sales person, they said they would be out to take a look at it.Next week called manager + left message,week after called head office -30 min on phone they assured me it would be taken care of. After almost 4 weeks,several phone calls and them getting the contractor that installed the furnace for them to call me (Nauss plumbing+heating) I paid Reliance to do the job . It is quite obvious that my time is worth absolutely nothing-what a waste of time. Customer service is non existing. The Furnace is working fine and the rest of the job is well done. The rating is due to the lack of customer service

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Company Response

I am so sorry for any frustration that was caused- Cait