If you are considering doing business with this company, I would suggest finding a better, more reputable company to install vital equipment in your home. I had a furnace and A/C Installed by this company and I am very disappointed. The prices you get seem good at first, but in the end you get what you pay for, nothing but headaches and problems. The techs take a lot of shortcuts, and rush the job. The parts used are the cheapest available on the market and prone to failure and defects, as I found out with an A/C coil that failed in my house. Had the techs out to my house twice after their install to get the A/C working properly. I was told that the coil used has manufacturing defects and is prone to fail. It was replaced under warranty....WITH THE SAME UNIT. I am almost positive next summer the A/C will be a problem again. When they did manage to get it running, there was water all over my basement floor which required the tech to come over again and adjust drainage of the unit. The furnace seems to be running ok so far, but I dont have to much peace of mind regarding that it will stay that way. The sheet metal they added above the furnace looks beat up and crooked, the white vent piping they had to install has gray fingerprints all over them from the techs hands, Seems very rushed and unprofessional looking. In the end I would have spent a bit more money to have the job done by professionals with quality materials. Very second rate company, avoid them and research better options.

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