We needed a new stamped concrete patio in our backyard, a new driveway (paved asphalt with paver stone trim) and some existing stamped concrete around our pool resealed with slip free silica sand grit. The stamped concrete looks awful. The colours are very patchy and uneven. There are also several areas where the concrete has small surface cracks. We did not want slip free silica and placed on the patio but it was heavily laid on the patio and it feels very gritty and uncomfortable to walk on. We had to ask them to come back to reseal and re-colour certain areas. This obviously didn’t help. See pictures The driveway was also pretty bad. We had to have them come back to relay several patio stones and elevate one side as one side was significantly lower than the other. In the end I had to add several inches of limestone under one side of the driveway trim to raise it up to the other side. They contract their asphalt work out to another paving company. They use a low grade asphalt with plenty of large pieces of aggregate. This driveway won’t last more than 3-5 years. Lastly, we needed them to reseal the existing stamped concrete around the pool with some silica sand grit. They did so but it is very inconsistent and in areas there is no grit at all. The new patio, however, has way too much grit and as mentioned above, we did not want the patio to have this slip resistant grip...we only wanted it around the pool. All in all the people are very nice but their product is awful. I need another company to fix this next year.

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Hello, we regret that you are dissatisfied and are inclined to express your feelings in this manner. We are taken back from this review as you haven’t reached out or contracted us directly. Since you haven’t reached out to us, it seems you aren’t willing to allow us to resolve these issues so we would like to clarify and justify what happened. We are always happy to try to resolve anything that may arise, especially when the work is still under warranty. The minor cracks are called “crusting cracks” and this type of crack is purely cosmetic and occurs on to concrete on very windy days when pouring concrete. The fact is that crusting cracks are extremely common and pose no structural problem. They may be filled in and repaired with the matching color. From the images attached to this review it shows that salt has been applied to the concrete and it has discolored the sealer and has even caused some spalling in certain areas. Salt is NOT to be used on concrete under a year old. As far as your landscaping and bushes, I’m sure you can appreciate our efforts to use plywood planks along the narrow path towards the backyard and all along your trees along your fence. You can not deny that we did the best possible measures to ensure the best protection and sometimes during construction inevitably existing plants may be compromised. Lastly, the pavers look very similar on both sides and it is an honest mistake but an easy fix.