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GoodBoys was out to our house on Nov 2018 to clean the ducts. From what we can see the ducts look very clean. We are satisfied with that aspect of the job but much less positive about the mess and extra work that was left for us. - HRV drainage tubes were pulled out (by accident or on purpose?) of the HRV. - the paint of the window sill, where the large black suction tube was pulled through, was chipped in several spots - the basement window (used for the black tube) was left open. - most of the vents were left closed - mud/dirt on the front hallway entrance runner - wood chips, dirt, etc in several areas of the basement - furnace room and laundry room

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Based on recommendations we decided to start our quest for a new water softener with Purisoft. From the initial contact to the actual installation the service was fantastic. All my questions were answered immediately and honestly - they even pointed out additional considerations for our decision process. Although they are closed on Sunday Lisa happened to be in the office and answered the call - answering all my questions on her day off. Installation was scheduled within a week of initial contact and installation was on time. We received a call approximately an hour before installation indicating that they were still on schedule. Installation was quick - no mess was left and the old softener was removed for disposal. A thorough explanation of the softener was done including recommendations on the type of salt to use and best places to purchase the salt. The softener has been installed for over one week and we have soft water...and no chlorine smell. Love the fact that the water softener can predict when we might run out of soft water and regenerates itself before actually running out of soft water. Would highly recommend Purisoft.

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