I saw an offer for free shipping and a free camera so I did some research and concluded that it was a great deal. I called and signed up for the Plus package. The confirmation email said I’d get my system within a week, but it didn’t arrive. I did get an email reminding me my installation date had passed so I called but couldn’t get a shipping date. They pushed my activation date back a bit. The package arrived two weeks after I’d ordered, which was fine. But there was no camera in the box. I called again and was told of a 6- to 8-week backorder for cameras. Nobody had mentioned that when I was checking on my order. Fed up, I decided to cancel. If this company couldn’t reliably deliver a box of equipment, I didn’t want them taking care of my home security. The man in the line said someone would call me to arrange for the cancellation in the next day or two. There was no call. What I did get was another delivery, containing the camera. I guess asking for a refund magically cleared their back order situation. I called AGAIN to cancel and was told that I’d have to ship the gear back to Think Protection at my own expense and then I could get my money back in 7-14 days. Oh, and when I replied to the email from the sales associate who charged my MasterCard, my message was undelivered because the email address no longer existed. Spend a little more to hire a company that can keep its promises. It’ll save you so much time and aggravation!

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