We moved our belongings from Toronto to Vancouver. We recognized the fact that our belongings would be one of the many households stuffed in a moving truck and decided to purchase additional insurance and have the movers pack our televisions and computer screens. A few days following the move, we noticed that one of our televisions was severely damaged. I called the company and informed them of the broken television and they denied my claim stating that how were they to know that the tv wasn't damaged prior to the move. I was dumbfounded. Had I known that I had to prove that every item I was moving was in working condition before the move and then again afterwards, I would have picked another company. I bought additional insurance to cover incidentals such as this, but the company said that they would not cover the tv despite the insurance. Bottom line - don't use this company, but if you must, DO NOT purchase the insurance.

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Company Response

A moving company cannot sell insurance, it can only be sold by a licensed insurance agent. Our company does offer valuation premium at a minimum of $6.00 per pound which this client purchased the minimum.
A claim was submitted for a damaged TV. The claim went through a review and as identified at pick up the TV's mechanical operating condition was unknow and indicated on the clients paperwork. After the review it was verified by the crew and client that there was no physical damage to the TV after the crew unpacked it. There was also no physical damage to the box that the TV was packed in. As a customer service gesture the client was sent a cheque for $325.00.