The ladies from the company did a fair job decluttering our 3 bedroom house. However, I'm not satisfied with the following issues: 1. After we spent $11,000 (and prepaid by VISA) for the project, there was a dispute of less than $400 involving a third party service. Instead of reaching an agreement for the cost, the company went ahead and charged my VISA without my consent. 2. The manager wildly overestimated the hours required for the project. We paid extra hours that's not refundable. There are many decluttering companies available. It's a great service when needed. I suggest to check out other companies before deciding on this one. Do not trust your credit card number with them and do not commit to more than 40% of estimated hours.

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Company Response

Hi Ming,
Sorry to hear you weren’t satisfied with our payment process, however, our Letter Agreement outlines our terms and conditions including but not limited to clearly stating, “The Client retains the Company to provide the Services and shall pay for the Services and any appropriate and agreed upon expenses for products and/or materials and third-party service providers.” These terms and conditions were provided and signed before the start of your first session. Prior to bringing in a third-party vendor, services were confirmed with you and charged accordingly. Understanding your specific budget and timeline, we provided several discounts on services and products. In addition, we acknowledged your concerns with the third-party services and we offered a refund to reduce the cost. Once again, we’re sorry to hear you were unhappy despite the several discounts provided and our attempts made to rectify the situation. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.