Asphalt paving, driveway and garageAsphalt paving, driveway and garage. The first phase was done in about 1.5 hrs, gravel laid out compacted and all. Almost 3 weeks after, the final phase is done... also, about 1.5 hrs. Everything was done clean and nice... We waited 4 days until we parked the cars into the driveway (as suggested)... a few days after that it rained and we noticed about 24 tire marks from our cars. Most marks are barely visible when the asphalt is dry, but when is wet there are very noticeable and hold water forming little puddles. Few tire marks are visible when the asphalt is dry... which I don't think is normal, even in hot weather. Solution... leave them as is, or try and burn them but then they'll leave dark spots. When we choose this company, we didn't expect to see any tire marks nor burnt spots on the driveway. At this point, we're waiting for a solution... if there is one to be provided. Update: As of 2019 Spring, weeds started to come out through the side of the driveway. We contacted Nortown Paving via email and phone, but they decided not to even respond to our request. We're stuck with the repair. As always, the client is wrong... as Nortown Paving suggested on the response to the review. Way to go, good reputation!!

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