plaint Description: On July 19 a technician came to fix the ice maker on my fridge. He said Samsung fridges usually just need to be turned off and back on to reset them. So he turned it off and back on and I paid 105.00. Unfortunately I wasn't asked to do that prior to him coming out- the appointment was made 2 days before. He told me that should work and if it didn't I'd need a new ice maker. It didn't work, but I went out of town right after and contacted them to find out about getting a new ice maker when I returned. I had the appointment setup for August 3, based on the info I was given by the service rep.- 207.00 for part and 95.00 for labour. Then I got a call that day from the technician telling me it would be 250.00 for the labour- for a 30 minute call and that he wouldn't take off the 105. service fee I already paid because I didn't fix it at the initial call. I had to remind him that he told me to wait to see if the reset worked, but he said he didn't remember me or my fridge. He told me to call the office if I had an issue. After calling the office the labour charge was reduced to 150.00, so I agreed to do it. Then I found out he wasn't able to make the scheduled appointment. I was then told the technician was now sure that I need a new control board, so I had to wait until August 8 for the part. That astonished me because he put on the invoice that I needed a new ice maker if the reset didn't work. Then he didn't remember me at all! Then without looking at my fridge he now knew I needed a new control board. However I couldn't get an actual quote before agreeing to the call because there are three control boards and he didn't know which one needed replacing. That was the last straw for me so I asked for a refund since they didn't fix my fridge and I lost all confidence that they knew what they were doing. I was told when I booked the initial appointment that I would not be charged anything if they couldn't fix the problem. I shared my concerns with the manager who passed it on to the owner. Neither one expressed any concern or offered any assistance. I was told by the owner, Vlad, that although he wasn’t born in Canada he still knows the meaning of the word CAN’T- really!?? Since they say they can fix the problem I can't decline service for any reason and expect a refund of the service fee. I'm not sure they can fix the problem and I'm not willing to keep paying and hoping for the best. I'm also not willing to let the technician back into my home after his rude behaviour and seeming unwillingness to fix my fridge!

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